About Books For Bairns

Draft of Picture book

After many years of planning and redrafting my own picture book – see above for my lame attempt  – I gave up and decided to enjoy picture books again as a reader and not an aspiring Julia Donaldson. Every idea I came up with had already been done and as I discovered the market moved far too quickly for me who was only dabbling in a spare minute here or there.

After my son was born, we as a family quickly got into the habit and bedtime ritual of reading the Bairn stories from just a few weeks old.  Of course we got to read all our own favourites back in the days before the Bairn could talk.  Now it’s his way or the high way when it comes to his book choice each evening! As I begin this blog his current favourite is Cantankerous King Colin by Phil Allcock, which will also happen to be my first review.

I have always loved Children’s Literature and at the moment am currently in the midst of Peter Pan (again!) and Rose Muddle – The Amber Pendant by Imogen White. For the foreseeable future however this blog will stick to reviewing Picture Books as there is more than enough of those to discover and indulge in!

Thanks for reading!