Info & Review Policy

My aim with this blog is a fun record of all the books we share as a family. Books are joyful and so important, that I don’t want to forget any as we move through life towards Bairn becoming a big boy!  It’s primary focus is picture books and I should imagine will remain that way – who doesn’t love a picture book at any age! This is simply a hobby blog so it will always try to be informal and fun!

Review Policy (updated 07/07/17)

Although this blog has just started and is but a bairn itself I would LOVE to hear from publishers, authors and illustrators about books and review opportunities.

All written reviews and content on this blog are my own. I have linked to other’s material where appropriate e.g Authors, Illustrators, videos and images.

All opinions are my own and I am not affiliated to any one publisher.

I would love to be considered by any publishing house to review any printed books (We aren’t really into e-books at the moment).

I will always personally respond to every message or review request.

I am out and about on social media and always keen to network my reviews on there.  I currently post to Instagram and Twitter about all things picture book related.

I will always tag authors, illustrators and publishers in my social media posts where possible alerting them to any reviews of their materials.


Feel free to contact me using the information on our contact us page.

Amazon Affiliation

I have linked Books For Bairns to the Amazon Affiliates Program via my reviews. This is in place so any reader wishing to purchase the book in question, gifts a very small referral fee back to the blog.  This is purely to help us buy new books for our little family.